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Community Used Bike Sale This Weekend!

19 August 2014 by Laurence Clarkberg

Need a used bike?
Got a bike to sell?
Come to the Friends Bike Clinic Community Used Bike Sale!

Saturday August 23rd noon to 4pm
Sunday August 24th noon to 4pm
in Press Bay Alley at 118 West Green St.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.03.43 AM

This Saturday and Sunday Friends Bike Clinic will host a community used bike sale in Press Bay Alley located in downtown Ithaca. Bring a bike to sell, or come buy a bike! We’ll also have electric bikes you can try courtesy of Press Bay Alley’s Boxy Bikes!

Sellers: Friends Bike Clinic is not responsible for sellers’ bikes. Please come prepared to show your bike(s) in person during some sale hours. When you can’t be at the sale, lock your bike and leave price and contact information on it for potential buyers. Don’t leave your bike overnight.

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End of the Season Clinics

20 August 2013 by Laurence Clarkberg

As the summer draws to a close we’ll be ramping down the number of clinics we offer. In particular, we are ending our downtown Press Bay Alley clinics a few weeks early due to construction in the alley. Our final clinics for 2013 will be on the following dates:

  • August 25th 1pm to 3pm at the Quaker Meetinghouse (led by Morgan)
  • September 15th 1pm to 3pm at Poplar Ridge Meeting
  • Cornell campus (date and time to be determined)
  • Ithaca College campus (date and time to be determined)

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FBC Garners Favorable Media Presence at Streets Alive Festival; Final Few Clinics

24 September 2012 by Laurence Clarkberg

Friends Bike Clinic manned a booth at the Streets Alive Festival last Sunday, and bicyclists were lined up several deep to get help fixing their bikes. In spite of six tireless mechanics (thank you Larry, Lauren, Jeremy, Mark, Scott, and Steve) there was a 10-minute wait for people to get help during most of the three-hour festival. Meanwhile hundreds of happy pedestrians and bicyclists roamed a 10-block stretch of Cayuga Street which had been blocked off to car traffic. Our booth also had a collection of electric bikes for people to try, and Steve Austin wowed the crowd with his fancy electric bike. And the next day Mark and Larry were lauded in the Ithaca Journal by a reporter who had learned about their noble car-freeness.

We’ve only got two more bike clinics planned this season: Saturday October 6th 10am to noon at the Farmer’s Market gazebo, and Sunday October 28th at the Quaker Meetinghouse 1 to 3pm. This fall and winter on Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm we’ll be warm and cozy inside the meetinghouse basement painting the workshop, stripping junk bikes for parts, and fixing up bikes to sell or give away. If you’d like to help out with that please stop by.

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New Project Hours; Cornell Hours; Ebike Club Hours; Upcoming Clinics

18 September 2012 by Laurence Clarkberg

Our recent clinics at the AIDs ride and Porchfest were of course great successes as these photos show. Our Porchfest presence included the largest collection of electric cargo bikes on the East coast (as far as I know) and a bicycle powered lawn mower created by FBC directors Scott McCasland and Larry Clarkberg.

Friends Bike Clinic “project hours” are changing from Wednesdays to Tuesdays 2 to 4pm. Project hours are when the shop is open for FBC members who are working on long-term projects. Members are expected to put in time helping out around the shop and staffing clinics. To become a member simply show up on a Wednesday and start working on a project and helping out.

Friends Bike Clinic will be lending our mobile tool collection to the Cornell Bike Collective on Tuesdays after our project hours. The CBC shop will be open Tuesdays from 4:30 pm to 6 pm. So fix your bike on a Tuesday: if you miss us at the meetinghouse 2pm to 4pm you can catch us at the CBC shop on the Dilmun student farm from 4:30 to 6pm.

If you are interested in electric bikes, note that FBC director Larry Clarkberg’s electric bicycle company (Boxy Bikes) is creating a “Maker Biker Club” for people who want  to tinker with ebike technology. On Wednesday afternoons Boxy Bikes will open its shop to people who want help with their ebike projects.  Boxy Bikes’ shop has tools for welding and electronics. Contact Larry for details.

Lastly, note a couple of upcoming clinics:

  • Friday 9/21 all day: occupy a parking space in College Town. Exact location to be determined.
  • Sunday 9/23 from 1 to 4pm : the Street’s Alive event. I’ll have my mobile bike clinic set up in the Ithaca High School parking lot. Also some electric bikes for people to try.

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Bike Workshop Underway; Lots of Bike Clinics Coming Up in September

21 August 2012 by Laurence Clarkberg

Welcome back! How was your summer? What’s happening? Lots!

Friends Bike Clinic is currently doing a bike repair workshop in partnership with Ithaca College’s Bomber Bike Initiative. All are welcome to join us. It’s on campus at Ithaca College at the entrance of Peggy Ryan Williams Building that faces the Business School (weather permitting, otherwise the rain location will be Job Hall 161). Times are from 4pm to 5pm Tuesday 8/21, Wednesday 8/22, and Thursday 8/23. See here for details.

We’ll also be doing our regular fourth Sunday (8/26)  clinic at the Quaker meetinghouse 1pm to 3pm and our regular first Saturday (9/1) clinic at the Farmer’s Market gazebo 10am o noon.

Lastly, we’ll be doing a couple of extra special clinics in September: will be supporting the AIDS Ride on Saturday 9/15 (location to be determined) and we’ll be frolicking with our bikes in some way at Porchfest on Sunday 9/16 from 1 to 5pm at the Quaker meetinghouse. Please let me know if you can help out at the clinic in either of these events. Your support will determine whether the Friends Bike Clinic is able to continue having a presence at these events.


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Join Us in the Ithaca Festival Parade

21 May 2012 by Laurence Clarkberg

Hi all. The Friends Bike Clinic invites bicyclists of all stripes to march with us in the Ithaca Festival Parade at 6:30pm on Thursday May 31st. The parade is traditionally a wild and wacky event. Join us! We will be at the corner of Utica and Lewis at 6pm in preparation for the parade. Please let me know at larry@knowledgetown.comif you plan to join us. Let me know if you need to borrow a bike or you will be bringing your own.-Larry

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Eco-Village Donates a Big Pile of Bikes; Help Fix ‘Em Up

16 May 2012 by Laurence Clarkberg

Last weekend Alan Bleier of Eco-Village kindly donated about a dozen bikes to Friends Bike Clinic. He explained that in order to make room for a new community center building, Eco-Village is moving the car sheds in which the bikes were stored. He has spent a good bit of time cataloging the bikes and finding them a home. Thanks Alan!

We will be fixing up the bikes at RIBs during their May and June Tuesday evening open shop hours (5pm to 8pm). Quaker teen Dylan Beisner-Kaiser is helping out. Some of the bikes we will fix up and give away as part of LACS student Ian Culling’s 8th grade project. Other bikes we’ll dismantle for parts. Let me know if you want to participate in either of these activities.


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Clinic This Sunday and Next Saturday; CBC Is Launched!

27 April 2012 by Laurence Clarkberg

There will be a Friends Bike Clinic this Sunday 4/29 from 1pm to 3pm on the deck of the Quaker Meetinghouse at 120 3rd Street. Get help fixing your bike, help others fix their bike, or just hang out to chat. Note that Friends Bike Clinic will also be set up at the Farmer’s Market gazebo on Saturday 5/5 10am to 2pm and first Saturdays thereafter.

I should also note that the first meeting of the Cornell Bike Collective went very well. About two dozen people met in the Cornell Outdoor Education classroom. We went around the circle and everyone introduced themselves. Six students agreed to convene a separate meeting to assign themselves the roles of the club officers. We described the events leading up to the club and future steps. We brainstormed on projects we envision and on near-term goals (see the photos below). Lastly we scheduled the next meeting for May 7th at 2pm tentatively at the Dilmun Farm.

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Sign This Petition to Legally Define Electric Bikes in New York State

20 April 2012 by Laurence Clarkberg

I created the following petition encouraging New York State to legally define electric bikes. Currently electric bikes are in a kind of legal limbo, and the bill that would bring them out of that limbo has been stuck in committees for several years. Please read the following petition. If you agree with it, send me your name and your official title as a token of your agreement. After adding everyone’s name to the list I’ll send it off to Albany. You can also comment on this bill on the NY Senate website.

-Larry Clarkberg, Friends Bike Clinic


Dear Senators Dilan and O’Mara,

We are writing to you to encourage passage of New York Senate Bill S1357B. This bill would legally define electric bicycles as follows:


Ithaca has a great biking community and supportive city administrators. Because of the hills here, however, everyday bicycling is limited to the most athletic of us. Electric bikes could change all that. Electric bikes would enable more students and families to choose bicycling as a means of transportation. However, the ambiguous legality of electric bikes in New York State has had a stifling effect. We feel this is the opposite direction our elected officials should be taking; electric bike use should be encouraged rather than discouraged.


We the undersigned support immediate passage of New York Senate Bill S1357B-2011.

Larry Clarkberg, Director, Friends Bike Clinic

David P. McCobb, Assoc. Professor, Cornell University, and bike commuter

Alan R. Bleier, Sr. Research Assoc., Cornell University, and bike commuter

Kent Johnson, Junior Transportation Engineer, City of Ithaca Engineering Office

Victoria Armstrong, Project Associate, Creating Healthy Places, Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County

Govind Acharya, City of Ithaca, Chair, Planning & Development & Commissioner on the Board of Public Works

Thea Clarkberg, electric bike commuter

Graham Ottoson, Nurse Practitioner, bike commuter

Karim Beers, Cornell graduate student

Tobias Hanrath, Assistant Professor, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering , Cornell University

Dwight Mengel, Chief Transportation Planner, Tompkins County Dept of Social Services, and bike commuter

Sylvie Froncek, Recycle Ithaca’s Bicycles

Laetitia de Freslon, Marketing & Operations Manager at The History Center in Tompkins County, bike commuter

David Kay, former Chairman, City of Ithaca Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council (BPAC)

Jeanne Leccese,  Coordinator, Creating Healthy Places, Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County

Daniel Keough, Voting member of the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council of the city of Ithaca, NY, and daily bike commuter

Chris Proulx, City of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 5

Ray Weaver, Way2Go program manager Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

Anna Cook, Ithaca Carshare, Assistant Director – Fleet, and bike commuter

Jennifer Dotson, City of Ithaca Alderperson Ward 1, and bike commuter

Fernando de Aragon, Director, Ithaca Tompkins County Transportation Council

Robbert Van Renesse, Principal Research Scientist in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University

Gail Steinhart, City of Ithaca Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council

Jeff Inman, owner of Cayuga Ski & Cyclery bike store

Christopher Sturgeon, motorcyclist

Lauren Goldberg, Head of Ithaca College’s Bomber Bike Initiative

Eric Duchinsky, commuter, Brooklyn, NY

Ken Stuart, Senior Web Developer for and want-to-be-an-electric-bike-commuter

Josh Lower, Pedestrian and Bike Commuter, Ithaca NY

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