Third Annual Community Used Bike Sale

Saturday August 20th in Press Bay Alley (118 West Green St.) 10 to 4 support Friends Bike Clinic by buying a bike or selling a bike. Sellers pay $10 to show bikes. Sellers please let us know how many bikes you plan to bring by contacting

Seller’s Agreement with Friends Bike Clinic

Sellers pay a $10 donation to Friends Bike Clinic to show each bike. This donation is due at the door at the beginning of the sale. The donation is due whether the bike sells or not (though note that our previous two sales sold out). Plan to show up half an hour before the sale (9:30am Saturday August 20th) to set up your bike and show up half an hour after the sale (4:30pm) to pick up your unsold bikes and payments.

We will have volunteer cashiers at the sale so you don’t have to be at the sale the whole time. The volunteers can accept cash, checks made out to you, and credit cards. Credit cards can be swiped by Boxy Bikes, the nearby bike shop. Boxy Bikes will plan to reimburse you after the sale with a check. Sellers must accept credit card payments. A 3% credit card fee will be deducted from credit card payments. We are not liable for fraudulent payments.

Use this form to describe your bike and set the price. You can also give your phone number so buyers can ask questions about the bike when you are not at the sale.

We aren’t liable for your bikes. We will allow potential buyers to take your bike for a test ride in Press Bay Alley’s parking lot. If you don’t want people to test ride your bike, lock your bike at the sale.

Bikes brought to the sale must be in good working order. We reserve the right to deny any bikes we determine to be unsafe. This sale is not the place to sell “project bikes” or bike parts. In particular, brakes must work well. Many buyers are students new to Ithaca who might not know how difficult it is to go both up and down Ithaca’s hills safely. We will have tools available at the sale to pump up your tires, oil your chain, and make minor cable adjustments. For any other repairs take your bike to a bike shop before the sale.

Friends Bike Clinic Begins Weekly Clinics Starting Sunday April 19th 2015

Calling all professional bike mechanics, amateur bike mechanics, and anyone who wants to learn to fix their bike! Friends Bike Clinic will begin hosting our informal bike repair gatherings starting on Sunday April 19th 1pm to 3pm at the Quaker Meetinghouse on Third and Madison in Northside Ithaca. Basically we put out bike stands and tools and people help each other fix bikes. We have a basement full of bike parts people can use. And it’s all free.

Friends Bike Clinic is looking for volunteers to staff our clinics. No experience necessary. Volunteers work two hours a week, they learn bike repair and they have full time access to tools and parts. Interested? Contact Laurence Clarkberg at

Quaker Protest Is In the Air


Last Sunday Poplar Ridge Meeting invited Friends Bike Clinic to hold a bike repair clinic after their meeting for worship. I brought some electric bikes there for people to try, and with them the message that reducing our dependence on automobiles is important. We had some wonderfully sincere discussions, the type of interaction that Quakers excel at. Afterthoughts (a period after meeting for worship during which people talk about messages given during meeting) centered around the topic of protest, including civil rights protest in the past and the recent climate march. There seemed to be a general feeling that protest is in the air, and Quakers are called upon to lead once again. I added that the climate issue calls for a different kind of protest; it’s less of a “speak truth to power” situation and more of a “let your life speak” situation. Translation for non-Quakers: it’s less important to appeal to authorities (the government, the fossil fuel industry, and Wall Street) and more important to lead by example.

FBC at Streets Alive Next Sunday; Bike to Work Day on 5/16

Alex and Dan fixing stuff.

Alex and Dan fixing stuff.

Next Sunday 5/4 1pm to 5pm we’ll bring our tools to the Streets Alive event so that people can get help and help others fix bicycles. There will be many other activities including free electric bike rides by Boxy Bikes. As a consequence, we will not set up at the meetinghouse next Sunday.

Later in May FBC will host a “breakfast station” at the Quaker Meetinghouse for Bike to Work & School Day. We’ll be serving up oatmeal to all heroic bicycle commuters who stop by on Friday May 16th from 7:30 to 9:30am.

Please Welcome Our Bike-Mechanics-In-Training

Ithaca Generator has been hosting a basic bike repair class in the new Press Bay Alley space. Students are volunteering to help out at bike clinics this spring and summer. The schedule is here; feel free to add yourself to this list as well.

Bike Mechanic Training Class to Occupy Crystal Palace


Friends Bike Clinic, in collaboration with Ithaca Generator, is offering a beginning bike repair class. John Guttridge of Urban Core LLC has generously allowed the class to take place in his Press Bay Alley retail space, affectionately know as the “Crystal Palace”. Students who take the class will informally serve as bike mechanics for bike clinics this summer. Details about the class are here. You are welcome to sign up late.

Poplar Ridge Welcomes FBC

This month I traveled to Poplar Ridge Meeting (about half an hour northeast of Ithaca) not knowing what to expect. What I found was a vibrant welcoming meeting that had about a dozen bikes for us to work on together. One person gave me a chocolate bar, another brought bowls of soup, and my host Andrew Simkin gave me expert assistance and great conversation as we worked together. What a joy!