New Project Hours; Cornell Hours; Ebike Club Hours; Upcoming Clinics

Our recent clinics at the AIDs ride and Porchfest were of course great successes as these photos show. Our Porchfest presence included the largest collection of electric cargo bikes on the East coast (as far as I know) and a bicycle powered lawn mower created by FBC directors Scott McCasland and Larry Clarkberg.

Friends Bike Clinic “project hours” are changing from Wednesdays to Tuesdays 2 to 4pm. Project hours are when the shop is open for FBC members who are working on long-term projects. Members are expected to put in time helping out around the shop and staffing clinics. To become a member simply show up on a Wednesday and start working on a project and helping out.

Friends Bike Clinic will be lending our mobile tool collection to the Cornell Bike Collective on Tuesdays after our project hours. The CBC shop will be open Tuesdays from 4:30 pm to 6 pm. So fix your bike on a Tuesday: if you miss us at the meetinghouse 2pm to 4pm you can catch us at the CBC shop on the Dilmun student farm from 4:30 to 6pm.

If you are interested in electric bikes, note that FBC director Larry Clarkberg’s electric bicycle company (Boxy Bikes) is creating a “Maker Biker Club” for people who want  to tinker with ebike technology. On Wednesday afternoons Boxy Bikes will open its shop to people who want help with their ebike projects.  Boxy Bikes’ shop has tools for welding and electronics. Contact Larry for details.

Lastly, note a couple of upcoming clinics:

  • Friday 9/21 all day: occupy a parking space in College Town. Exact location to be determined.
  • Sunday 9/23 from 1 to 4pm : the Street’s Alive event. I’ll have my mobile bike clinic set up in the Ithaca High School parking lot. Also some electric bikes for people to try.

One thought on “New Project Hours; Cornell Hours; Ebike Club Hours; Upcoming Clinics

  1. Hi Larry and everybody at Friends Bike Clinic – You guys sure have been busy. So great to get your news. I love the lawn mower bike.. what a hoot! Looking forward to seeing you at Streets Alive!


    ps. Maybe for all next year’s events we can get some funky pedicabs or more stuff like that put together. Have you ever seen the stuff George Bliss makes in NYC? : )

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